Face Masks And The Next Normal

Face Masks And The Next Normal

Life is different in 2020. Our behaviours have had to change across every aspect of our lives. They will continue to change as we react to an ever-changing situation. 

Many of us are trying to get some sense of routine and normality back in a safe way. Social distancing, perspex screens and face masks are here to stay, for quite a while yet at least. 

Wearing a face covering means we can start to live in the ‘next normal’, but what is the  ‘next normal’ and what does it mean for us?

What is the Next Normal?

As our lives continue to change over the coming months, there comes a new outlook and direction with each ‘stage’. So rather than us living in a static ‘new normal’ state, there is a series of “next normals” that come with each change to the way we live and behave. It is not a case of “before and after” - there are likely to be many more “next normals” to come. 

Face Masks and the Next Normal

Face masks are one of the greatest assets we have in the Next Normal. Always keeping a face mask with you, in your car or your bag means you are prepared for wherever you stop off or visit. 

The Huhta Mask is designed to be extremely breathable so you can go about your daily life comfortably. Fluid repellent and infused with silver ions to deliver anti-microbial properties, the Huhta Mask reduces the spread of droplets into the environment. 

We’ve made the Huhta Mask for comfort, so that you can wear it for longer periods of time at work, at the shops or for leisure activities where a face covering is required. It has adjustable ear-loops with a clever toggle and safety ball system which ensures a good fit on any face shape.

Washable and reusable face masks are better for the planet by creating less waste and more economical for you. Huhta Masks are an excellent solution for frequent use, whatever the environment.

Available in Adult and Child sizes and two colours; Lavender Grey and Delft Blue which works with casual clothes and workwear.

Don’t know who you are after 2020? We’ve got you covered. Get you and your loved ones the comfortable and reusable Huhta Mask.

Huhta Mask is a non-medical mask and is not categorised as PPE. It is not intended to replace other recommended measures to stop the community spread of COVID-19 such as social distancing, washing your hands and refraining from touching your face. Not suitable for children under three​. Please follow the latest advice from your local health authority.