Have you got the right face mask?

Have you got the right face mask?

Things have changed.  Social distancing, wearing masks and wearing gloves have become a familiar sight on our high streets, on public transport, in shops, cafes, restaurants and a long list of indoor settings.  Now instead of finding sweets and chocolate at a shop checkout, there are frequently shelves of hand sanitiser. In this article, we will talk about choosing the best face mask for you and your children, friends & loved ones.

Face coverings, and face masks for our kids, are now an essential (and in some places, a required) item that we need to carry with us as we go about our everyday lives. There are lots of different face masks available, but not all face masks are the same.

How to choose the best Face Mask

What people look for in a face covering differs from one person to the next and can come down to personal preference. Finding a mask that is a good fit, comfortable and breathable are amongst the top features everyone is looking for time after time. 

Not all face coverings are equal, and every mask will have different features for you to look out for. One of the essential factors in choosing the best face mask is comfort. The more comfortable you are, the less likely it is you will fiddle with your mask or touch your face.

The Everyday Recommended Huhta Mask

The everyday recommended Huhta Mask can help you continue with your own new normal, whatever that might be.

mage of the Huhta Mask featuring two anti-microbial fluid repellant layers for comfort and breathability

Using two functional layers, Huhta Mask offers double the features - We’ve constructed the outer layer from on-trend support-derived technical material which is fluid repellent. In contrast, the inner layer is soft knitted polyester with antimicrobial properties.

Extremely breathable and designed for comfort, Huhta Masks can be worn for longer. With adjustable ear loops, you get a comfortable, secure fit.

The everyday? Bring it on. Get your Huhta Mask.

Huhta Mask is a non-medical mask and is not categorised as PPE. It is not intended to replace other recommended measures to stop the community spread of COVID-19 such as social distancing, washing your hands and refraining from touching your face. not suitable for children under three​. Please follow the latest advice from your local health authority.